Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Switching to different blog site and changing names!

Change is good...

and so after a few weeks without posting (due to my indecision to continue this blog or to go with another) I have finally decided to end Bentos for Vegans and continue on with Don't worry there will still be Vegan Bentos!!!! But there have been many posts that I have wanted to update that are not related to bentos. Yes yes people have told me, "its your blog do what you want" but since the title is "Bentos for Vegans" it gives the impression of being mostly about Bentos. So the new blog will be about how to become vegan Practically! Not to be confused with being almost vegan. It will highlight realistic ways to go vegan, and give tips on those who are pondering making the switch. 

Of course the love of bento's does not go away! As I'm sure those of you bento obsessed understand. I will still have my flicker gallery, and am still doing bento swaps online. In fact I am thinking of new ways to revamp the blog with more consistent information. 

I am also switching to because of its great ability to future date entries which helps keep me on track. (I tend to do a few entries in one day when I have time but just can't keep up with entries every day)

So I hope you come on by and check out the new site!

See you there!