Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Beginning of Bento

Hello Everyone,
Since this is my first post I will tell you a bit about myself. I just became a Vegan one year ago as my new years resolution. I was a vegetarian on and off for a few years (when I say on and off I mean I would cheat here and there and eat chicken) but then something in me finally changed and I have not looked back.  It has been one of the best decisions I have made health wise and it truly makes me feel like I am living by my beliefs. 

Some people may think that the switch is hard. Either to vegetarianism, or to veganism. It truly is not. Once you can find your substitutions you never feel like you are missing out on things. And Yes you can give up cheese!!!! I LOVED cheese but not I actually think its kinda gross. (it reminds me of mucus when you are sick ewwww) And I actually enjoy vegan cheese! 

I am also not a person who loves cooking by any means. Spending time in the kitchen is not something I look forward to lol. (well that is actually changing too!) Last year I ate a lot of junk food or the few vegan items I could cook. (Oh did I tell you my husband is not vegan, and is not too fond of veggies lol so dinner is kinda complicated). So my resolution this year was to learn new recipies, find things that I could easily convert over into something my husband would like and not stress out so much in the kitchen. 

I figured that everything gets easier with practice. And then my husband got me a tiffin box for Xmas. In the last month or so I've really gotten into bentos. They are so much fun to make and serve so many purposes for me.
1. Im forced to cook better meals as I want to put something in my bento for the next day's lunch.
2. I'm not eating convenience food at work because I have my healthy food packed in my bento.
3. I'm able to control portions easier
4. I'm actually starting to deveop smarter ways to shop for items at the grocery store (instead of just having rotting veggies in my fridge)
5. Im learning new recipies!
6. I'm getting some of my creative juices flowing as I try to think of new ways to make my bentos look cute.

So I hope this blog will show others that vegans eat good food, and that learning how to cook is not impossible if you just try.

Here is one of my first bentos. 

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