Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cast is off!!!

Today I woke up to a blizzard in Philadelphia and made my way to NYC to get the cast off. It only took 3 hours (usually takes 2) and we got there with time to spare. The doctor saw me early and we made our way home. 

Sad to say no bento shopping in NYC which I was looking forward to. (Weather was just too bad to be walking around with a bad ankle) But then when we got back to philly I went to a great chinese restaurant that I hadn't been to since I was a kid. Then off to some asian markets (the snow had melted by then) and found a few treasures. 

@ chinese grocery store
-dried arucula mushrooms

@ redding terminal's market
-chinese five spices powder
-lime peel spice
-licorice root
-beau monde spice (don't even know what this is lol but it looked and smelled interesting)

Tomorrow will just be a rest day as I try to walk slowly without crutches. Im gonna try to go down to the italian market to see what I can find kitchen wise. 

Still looking for a 
-stovetop grill (japanese style to make pan fried onigiri)
-ginger grater (in cute shape)
-chopstick rests (cute shapes and colors)
-natural material drawer organizer (for bento supplies)
But im definately open to any other goodies that may cross my path!!

It's so nice to be up on my feet even if its slow. I may get a cane when I get home but I can't wait to get in my kitchen again and start experimenting!!

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