Monday, February 18, 2008

Well only a few more days till the cast is off and I get rid of the crutches. My flight is Thur and I get back Sun. So I'm hoping to have a bento for Monday's lunch!!! Meanwhile I've been working on ways to take better photos. It took a little work but I think I found a way to get my digital camera (not a bad one, but not a nice one either) take some good shots. I may ask for a mini fold up photo studio from the hubby for my upcoming birthday. hehe.!!! 

Also did a little bento organizing as well so I think I'm all good to go. Next week Im going to set up a bento inventory photo gallery on flicker so that after showing you the inside of the bento you can see the outside as well.  I'll try to post one a day till they are all up. I counted them the other day and yes there are 50..One of my friends at work said, "You know you could use one a day for a month and still not use them all" Ya I know but what can I say, I am a container junkie and bentos just feed that obsession.

So stay tuned and I promise you some good vegan bentos!!

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