Monday, March 10, 2008

Strictly Leftover Bento

Again it seems the fridge has become a mess and sadly this bento is blurry =(
I may order a light to help with the photos. As its frustrating to spend time on a bento and then have it look fuzzy. 

Anywhoo the above was seriously what was left in my fridge. The back bento was full of fun Korean pickled items that I got at a great restaurant called Tofu 88. They ironically only had 2 vegetarian options but they were yummie. I ended up getting a mushroom tofu soup that was quite spicy. They packed in rice and a mini tray full of Korean veggie items. They were cutely wrapped up in tinfoil cups. I filled up on the soup so here they are. I believe its kimchi, some type of sweetened potato, a really yummie bean sprout concoction, and then a spicier kimchi sort of thing. (I really need a Korean cookbook)

In the front bento is leftover turnip cake. And some frozen rice with asparagus. I heat up the rice so it isn't thawing when I go to eat it. 

Its good to be back on track and eating healthy and it honestly took me less then 10 min to make this bento. Its usually the mulling around of the idea of making lunch that takes longer.

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Anonymous said...

Hi and cute bentos. Just a note, kimchi does contain fish products. I have seen vegan kimchi at stores such as Whole Foods or food co-ops but I have never tried them. Happy bento making!