Monday, March 10, 2008

Where I think this blog is going. Where do you want it to go?

Its been a long couple weeks hence no bentos. I've really been eating bad too. And yes vegan's can eat bad. Believe me there's tons of junkfood that has no animal products in it. But in that time I haven't forgot the blog. I've really been thinking of what I want this to be and my conclusion is more of a jumping off point for those trying to go vegan. Not that more senior vegans can't get anything out of it but last months poll really clued me in to things.

I may not have tons of readers but those of you who voted were either 
A: allready vegans
B: Had considered veganism but though it was too complicated.

So I'd like to gear this blog toward showing others how its really simple!

So the jist is that its not only going to be bentos. I don't know if it would be better to change the name of the blog or not. Maybe I should not worry about that. I still want to show lots of fun bentos but know that if your not into bentos you still will find lots of good info in here to get you on your way to becoming vegan. If there are things that you are curious about please feel free to drop me a comment and maybe I can feature something to help you out.

So since time is tight I will show you an easy (yet ultra yummie) recipe that I can't live without these days in my next post.

Happy monday everyone!


Shelly said...

My teenage daughter has been vegan for about a month and all she wants to eat is cereal and soy smoothies. Any suggestions on how to get her to try new things and eat them? I am on a very limited budget and she won't eat beans on weekdays. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

The Red Sock said...

I have to say I do love cereal and soy smoothies lol but there are many more things she can eat. Are you looking for lunch items, dinner items, snack items? Or is your main concern that she doesn't want to try new things?

Shelly said...

It's that she doesn't want to try new things. She will eat tempeh if made to but that's rare. She will eat vegan "hamburgers" but they don't fit into my budget weekly. I buy her vegetables and she lets them rot. I am at my wits end. I am being supportive, but she needs to eat what I can buy. Maybe it's me :)

The Red Sock said...

There are some good recipes for veggie burgers you can make. You can make up a big batch of things and then freeze them. Same goes for veggies. If I don't cook up my veggies quickly they rot too, so its good to just go grocery shopping and then make up a batch of something and then freeze it into portion sizes. This helps save time cooking later and ensures they will not go bad. Going vegan takes some practice as you find out new things to make. Do you have any good vegan cookbooks. Maybe you both can go to the library or a bookstore and look through some books. You can agree on some recipes and then make them together. Or save the money on the book and google vegan recipes. There is a wealth of them online. Hope this helps!! You sound like your being very supportive to her and maybe working together you can both come up with a handful of recipes she can eat as staples and then branch out little by little.