Monday, March 10, 2008

Green Tea Latte

OK even if your not a huge green tea fan this drink is amazing!! Well I think so.
And it even got me off of Coffee (iced coffee die hard fan) and is much healthier for you.

Super simple Green Tea Latte Recipe
Get yourself some Green Tea Powder (Machata)
There are so many kinds ranging in price. Green tea can be super cheep, or very expensive depending on the grade. I just get plain ole powder tea. The farmers market by me has it for about 6 dollars and that lasts me a good bit.
Add about a teaspoon of the powder to a large glass (or thermos if its microwavable, but if I'm taking this to work with me I make it in the glass first and then transfer to my thermal mug)
Then add about an inch of water (you can add more if you don't like your latte's so milky. I like mine very milky (soy milk of course so I only add a little water) The key is to dissolve the green tea completely so you don't have any lumps of powder (eww).
Now microwave your glass for 30 seconds. This should be enough for it to dissolve and mix completely.
Add your favorite sweetener (or don't if your watching sweets, its still good with no sugar). I use Agave Nectar and about a teaspoon of it.

Now is the time to stir up your mini mixture as its warm and the sweetener will dissolve nicely.
Then add about half of your cup with ice. I prefer crushed ice as I hate it when I'm down to the bottom and an ice cube falls on my face. But big chunky ice does just fine.
Now add your soy milk (you can substitute any no dairy milk such as nut milks, rice milks.) I prefer the Silk unsweetened kind so I'm not adding yet more sugar.
Now stir and enjoy.

A straw makes it nice to sip (but don't waste it one time and just throw it away, rinse and use over and over!! As long as you rinse them out good they last a long time.)

-Some caffeine but not as much as coffee.
-Green tea has great antioxidants
-Not high in calories especially if you use only a tiny bit of sweetener or no sweetener.
-If you use Agave nectar it doesn't cause the spike in your sugar levels (which is a bad thing)
-Super cheep (just the initial investment in the tea at about 6 dollars and some soy milk)
-Save money on that coffee fix you get every morning!!

This also makes a killer bubble/boba tea when you have the time to make the tapioca pearls (I'll show you another recipe for that down the road)

Hope you enjoy!!

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Celesi said...

A huge fan of green tea, I'm glad to have found this. And I like hearing about Agave. Sugar spikes are something I'm definitely trying to avoid.